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Title Ćwiczenia brygady spadochronowej (4) 
Alternative title Training of the Parachute Brigade (4) 
Type still image 
Description Numbers on the back: 48, 49 (crossed out), 50 (darkened out), 21., 1220; 23 JUN 1943 (Censorship Date); Boguslawski pplk. dypl. - Lt. Col.; AZ; Please Credit "Acme Photo," THIS PICTURE IS SOLD TO YOU FOR YOUR PUBLICATION ONLY AND MUST NOT BE LOANED, SYNDICATED, OR USED FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSES WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM US.; No. 791, No. 792, No. 793, No. 794; Censorship No. 228245, Censorship No. 228243, Censorship No. 228246, Censorship No. 228249; Soldier Field 
Abstract Zdjęcia pokazują oddziały spadochronowe wyskakujące z samolotów. 
Dates 1943-06-23; 1944 
Languages pl 
Date of the item 1944 
PublisherDelegat wojskowy do spraw propagandy i cenzor wojskowy, Polish Army G.H.Q. Chief Censor, Republic of Poland, Ministry of Information, Photo Service, ACME NEWSPICTURES, .Inc.
SubjectWorld War (1939-1945), Parachutes, Parachute troops, Airplanes
Date in EDTF format1944-uu-uu
OrganizationPoland. Polskie Siły Zbrojne, Great Britain. Army. Polish Parachute Brigade, 1st